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Native language must be regarded. It is the reflection of the years and years has been burnt into it. It confines all the words,sentences were heard and lived since childhood. Language is not only the arrangements of words but the culture one grows up in. It must be valued and certainly it lasts forever.

The coming time is of globalization, none place is far away, unreachable. The technologies are being used that have been designed by the english speaking world. It becomes need of time to get best spoken english classes, lucknow. English Mind not only carries set of beliefs that english is undoubtedly the best spoken language to acquire but serves the methodology in order to develop this skill.

When it comes to master a language the very common methodology of translation is used. Among the best spoken english classes, Lucknow, English Mind is little apprehensive for this notion. English Mind believes translations of native language to english only open limited paths. Whereas, learning english as a completely new language serves the purpose. Listening, Readymade sentences, Situational sentences could really be the keys in unlocking of english language barriers.

Living the language is the ultimate way for acquiring it. It must be the part of lifestyle. We are what we see, so the programme, magazine, articles, should be chosen wisely. Start with the stuff in which one has interest the most. Later, keep pushing the limits. 'Slow and Steady' is the finest way to get mastery over anything.

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